K-Pop Burger 케이팝

K-Pop Burger 케이팝

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K-Pop 케이팝 is a Korean pop music trend, we are inspired by their culture and cuisine, hence we have included Kimchi and their nation favourite fried chicken into our burger. Chef Fred engineered this recipe and flavour by watching K-drama 😂 while eating Cloud Pork Burger, but joke aside this burger is really crispy & juicy!

  • 오빠 날 먹어 줘 - OPPA EAT ME PLEASE
  • Chicken thigh meat
  • Our homemade Kimchi *REALLY as topping
  • Gochujang sauce for savoury, sweet & spicy 
  • Homemade fluffy bun, Cheddar, Tomato
  • Probably BlackPink will love it 😍 😻 🥰 

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