Nasi Lemak Coconut Pork

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Nasi Lemak With Coconut Minced Pork, this is 'Nasi Lemak' but our main ingredient is the lemak (coconut) that is cook with minced pork & aubergine. This is one of Chef's Fred mouth-watering special recipe, the Lemak Pork has a strong flavour similar to the Malay traditional masak lemak i.e strong-flavoured coconut milk and spices.

  • Peanuts,  Sambal, Ikan Bilis, Pork Lard & Sunny side up egg
  • Serve with coconut milk fragrant white rice (Nasi Lemak)
  • Coconut milk & pork lard to make for lemak taste
  • Try it, you will know it is special!

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